FollowtheMoneyCO is a joint project of the Colorado News Collaborative (COLab) and the Colorado Sun, funded by the Colorado Media Project and The Colorado Sun.

The project aims to make Colorado campaign finance data more accessible to journalists and the public using downloadable data from the Colorado Secretary of State’s TRACER system.

Quickstart: Click on Colorado Campaign Finance, choose a table. Then query the data using the dropdown menu to select, say = ASPEN from the city column. The results may be downloaded as a CSV (best for using a spreadsheet) or json file.

See the about page for more details on the data and what it includes.

Need more info on queries? Click here to read more about using SQL.

Want to know what candidates and committees are spending their cash on? Head over to Follow the Message, where many of them are being collected. Email yours to fish(at)coloradomediaproject.com.

Most recent update: Dec. 28 for campaign finance and for state-level outside spending, where support/oppose means the spender is supporting the first candidate named in the candidate column and opposing the other.

Questions or corrections, email fish (at) coloradomediaproject.com.


360,697 rows in 17 tables

trad_pacs_cont, house_cand_cont, issue_comm_cont, house_cand_exp, senate_cand_cont, ...


2,468 rows in 1 table