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Leading Colorado Forward 6861293.83
Better Colorado Alliance 3900173.4900000007
Senate Majority Fund 3230972.84
Unite For Colorado Action Iec 1600000.0
Coloradans Creating Opportunities 1105418.1500000001
Conservation Colorado Victory Fund 1013499.0
Values First Colorado 901348.14
Unite Colorado Election Fund 828677.8600000001
Ready Colorado Action Fund 702625.0
Take Back Colorado 656932.0400000003
Seiu (Service Employees International Union) Colorado Iec 651089.99
Better Schools For A Stronger Colorado Iec (Bssc Iec) 561510.1199999999
Better Jobs Coalition 544000.0
Coloradans For Constitutional Values 527500.0
Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America Colorado Action Fund (Phrma Colorado Action Fun 400000.0
Business & Labor Together 395000.0
Prosperity Through Property Rights 378083.12
Colorado Construction Industry Coalition - 527 (Ccic - 527) 374700.0
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Independent Expenditure Committee 355540.58
Colorado Republican Committee Independent Expenditure Committee 347825.0
Assuring Quality Healthcare Access For Colorado 300000.0
Colorado Petroleum Council Committee 271821.56
Students Deserve Better 261914.0
Better Leaders, Better Colorado 227500.0
National Association Of Realtors Fund 200053.67
Friends Of Farmers 186088.3999999999
Colorado Citizens For Accountable Government (Ccag) 185000.0
Colorado Sierra Club Independent Action 174300.0
Noco Reboot 166531.1
Colorado Advocates For Rural Electrification (Care) Independent Expenditure Committee 164562.54000000004
American Energy Action Colorado 145750.0
Colorado Hospitals Action Fund 136097.13
Coloradans For Colorado Values 127251.45
Strong Colorado For All 125001.0
Friends For The Future (F3) 109278.93
Resist Polis Pac 101144.08000000002
Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association Action Fund 101107.24
Restore Colorado Leadership Fund 94585.09
Weld Strong 94442.02
New Americans Victory Fund 93840.04999999999
Friends For Denver'S Future Independent Expenditure Committee 92000.0
Make Liberty Win 89690.01
Coloradans For Fiscal Responsibility 86350.0
Blueflower Action 80300.0
Colorado Working Families Party Independent Expenditure Committee 75460.0
Quality Healthcare For Colorado 75000.0
Progressive Voters Guide Ballot Independent Expenditure Committee 74500.0
Americans For Prosperity Action 65834.87999999999
Earthworks Action Fund Ie Committee 60501.0
Coloradans For Fairness 49575.0
Colorado Fair Share Action 48591.46
A Whole Lot Of People For Change 47523.0
Gv2H Pac 47500.0
Ccjrc4Action 45962.37000000001
One Vote At A Time Nonfederal 44697.34
Fund For ColoradoĆ­s Energy Future 44500.0
Colorado'S District Attorney Association Action 42565.0
Family Policy Alliance Independent Expenditure Committee 42373.85
Red White Blue Denver Independent Expenditure Committee 40000.0
Colorado Progressive Network Independent Expenditure Committee 38549.0
Colorado Chamber 527 Political Organization 38507.8
Coloradans For Safer Neighborhoods 38450.0
Our Colorado Values 37500.0
The Colorado Alliance 33791.60000000001
Colorado For Trump 29866.47
Raising Colorado 25000.0
Colorado People'S Action Committee 23805.030000000002
American Dream Alliance 22264.18
Gun Owners Of America 21187.15
Cry Freedom For An Ethical Garfield County 19802.5
Caci Commerce And Industry Project 19000.0
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Independent Expenditure Committee (Rmgo Superpac) 19000.0
Born To Run Action Fund 18632.800000000003
Citizens For Experience 18250.0
Justice First Committee 17150.0
Colorado Rural Voters 16895.0
Citizens For Intelligence Driven Prosecution 14575.0
18Th Jd Fund 13750.0
Coloradans Against Jared Polis 13115.0
Cfv Victory Fund 11501.0
Sunrise Republican Women'S Club 10449.789999999999
Republicans Against Racism Everywhere 10000.0
Colorado Free Enterprise Alliance 9875.0
Montrose Republican Women 9468.79
Better Schools For A Stronger Colorado 7010.0
Republican Strategy Forum 6585.0
Moveon.Org Political Action Independent Expenditure Committee 6222.14
Bold Colorado 5000.0
Republicans For America 4234.0
Colorado Ceasefire Independent Expenditure Committee 3431.52
Nra Political Victory Fund - Ie Committee 3229.1099999999997
Colorado Resistance 2790.85
Stop Polis Pac Iec 2500.0
Colorado Forward 2118.7
Clcs Action 527 2020.0
Reality Check Colorado 2000.0
Colorado Fund For Freedom 1580.0
Working People Rising Colorado 840.73
Colorado Energy Matters 550.0
Ivote Colorado 353.59
Accountability Colorado 166.12
Conservatives For The Preservation Of American Values 144.75
Colorado Moms Who Care 103.55
It'S Time To Fix Stupid-Colorado 100.0
The Centennial Fund 50.0
All Together Colorado 2.0
Resources For A Better Colorado Ie Committee 0.25
Resources For A Better Colorado 0.1
Blue Summit County 0.0
Official Recall Election Committee 0.0
Everytown For Gun Safety Victory Fund Colorado Iec -192.51
Western Citizens Protecting Our Constitution Independent Expenditure Committee (Wcpoc Iec) -230.0
American Wind Action Colorado -362.05
American Comeback Committee (Acc) Colorado Pac -2227.61
Better Colorado Now -28315.9
Colorado Liberty Pac -30347.34
Good Jobs Colorado -35161.3
Republican Governors Association (Rga) Colorado Pac -52527.23
Citizens For Secure Borders Iec (Citizens For Secure Borders Pac) -86334.97